Casino Banner Marketing

The casino affiliate program you joined probably provided you with a selection of banners to assist you in your promotions. What many affiliate programs fail to inform you is the best ways to utilize the banners to get the optimum results.

Banner advertising in recent years has been frowned upon and many marketers have forgotten about the little gold mine they really are. Years ago, many web sites would sell banner space to everyone and anyone. People were queuing up to throw $100 at the web site owner for just 1000 impressions…one of the biggest scams going at the time. They were paying every time the web page was viewed, regardless if anyone clicked on your banner or not! In some instances there were no stats for the buyer to check how many impressions they have had? All this did nothing to assist the growth of online business. All it succeeded in doing was feeding the greedy pockets of online business charlatans.


Banners are now fighting back and the whole area has been restructured, and is a more professional marketing model to pursue. These day’s, people are more aware and understand the need for detailed information about the clicks or impressions they are getting. They want to know what their ROI (Return on Investment) is going to be and if it is profitable for them to continue or expand this marketing option.

Not many marketers know that banner advertising is back and this is currently keeping the cost of this form of marketing down…advantage to you! While other affiliates focus on other forms of promotion you can make a financial killing on the quiet. Presently, banner advertising is extremely cost effective due to the vast amounts of space available online to advertise.

When you start promoting you can get prices for all sizes of banners. The ideal way to promote with banners is on a CPC (cost per click) basis though there are still some greedy web sites out there that want you to pay for every impression regardless if someone clicks on the banner or not.

Don’t let these web sites embezzle you out of your hard-earned cash. There is no shortage of places to advertise so stick to CPC and you won’t go far wrong. You are only going to pay for results, if nobody clicks on the banner, it won’t cost you a dime!

Some clever Casino affiliates use banner ads to promote their gambling portal. Once they get regular traffic they resell space on their web site to other affiliates. That way they are playing both sides of the game…buying and selling banner space!

The same thing happens when you have a web site with a good PR (page rank) with Google. If it is handily listed in the top 5 of the search results for a certain gambling keyword or phrase then people will start to approach you. They are willing to pay you in hard cash to place their banners on your web site. The whole cycle has a habit of repeating itself.

This is something that more established affiliates can take advantage of though you can see how your casino affiliate business can grow in time along with the size of your commission checks.

Where You Can Buy Banner Advertising

What Casino:

Wizard of Odds:

Bet Spot:

Gambling Web:

This is only a selection and these web sites could change at any time. You could do your own research into this by using the search engines and the Alexa toolbar to find high traffic web sites. More information on Alexa will be in the Link Exchange/JV chapter.

You can try any of these and buy banner space and start testing the results. If the banner is not working then you can change the banner. The advertising company may be able to rotate the banners for you so you know which banners are bring in the clicks and business for you.