Gambling Affiliate Programs

Before you join an online gambling affiliate program there are many things to consider to ensure that you (the affiliate) have the very best chance of success promoting the brands. It does not matter if you are promoting casinos, bingo, poker, slots or sports books, there are still common traits that gamblers look for before they register such as security, bonuses and . These are the hook to attract the gambler and ensure that the gambler has a pleasurable experience not just on the first visit but each time they play.


You need to consider the gamblers needs first. If the brands you are promoting are unattractive to the gambler then you may as well look for another affiliate program to join. Here are some points to consider when choosing a gambling affiliate program from the angle of a player.

  • How long has the brand been in operation?
  • Is the brand approved by Ecogra?
  • What type of software and games do they use and are they with quality sound and graphics?
  • Do they offer mobile gaming to players?
  • Do they offer live dealers?
  • Do they have a non-download game option?
  • Does the brand introduce new games periodically?
  • Does the brand offer multi-language options?
  • Does the brand offer multi-currency options?
  • Does the brand offer other gambling alternatives. If it is a casino can a gambler also play poker or bingo and bet on sports?
  • Does the brand offer competitive bonuses to attract new players. Are these non-deposit bonuses or does the player have to deposit a specific amount to get the bonus?
  • Does the casino offer comps and prizes to regular players?
  • What are the incentives to come back and play?
  • Is the payment system offered completely secure? Who processes the gamblers payments?
  • What type of payments are accepted to register and play?
  • Does the casino connect to a progressive jackpot network?
  • What type of support is in place for the gambler? Do they offer live support? Telephone support? Is it covered 24/7?
  • Is there gambler interaction facilities available such as chat rooms or forums etc?
  • What is the average payout for players and what official body monitors these stats?
  • Has the brand won any awards recently?
  • Is the gaming license information available on the web site?
  • How can a gambler withdraw any winnings. Is there any minimum amount and time frame?
  • Does the brand have Privacy Statement to protect gamblers.
  • Does the brand offer information for responsible gambling such as a link to Gamblers Anonymous?
  • Are there any testimonials from past and present players.
  • Are recent winners advertised on the site to encourage players to register and play.